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31 Mar

Irv Goldstein earned his tailwheel endorsement in the Champ on March 14, 2017.  CFI's Glenn Daly and Mark Henshall

26 Mar

Chris Sam earned his tailwheel endorsement today, March 26th 2017, in this beautiful Great Lakes open cockpit biplane with CFI Mark Henshall. Good work and congrats! Next is acrobatics...

16 Mar


 1973 Cessna 150L N19345 Specifications

King KX-155 Digital Nav/Com 
KI-209 Localizer/Glideslope Nav Head 
Garmin 496 Color GPS with XM Weather Capability/Air Gizmo Mounted 
KN-64 Digital DME 
KT-76A Mode C Transponder 
SPA-400 Sigtronics Intercom

3 Light Marker Beacon
Tinted Sun Visors
Alcor EGT
Avionics Master
Wheel Pants
SOROS Air Vents
Cleveland Wheels & Brakes
AK450 ELT with Remote Switch
SX-101 Yoke Grips with PIC/SIC Push to Talks
Digital Outside Air Temperature Gauge
Westberg K-30 Carb Air Temp Gauge

Certified for VFR and IFR (for IFR use pilot will need to bring his/her own clock and verify the VOR Check Log stored in the glove compartment has an entry within the preceding 30 days).

Garmin 496 Quick Reference Guide
Garmin 496 Owners Manual
Cessna 150L POH

09 Mar

This plane is now online at MYF. For more information go to the N19345's page HERE.

02 Mar

Want a new challenge? Ever dreamed of competing in an aerobatics competition? It is within your reach!! There is an IAC competition coming up in Borrego April 6-8. Learn how you can compete using a club airplane! Read more at the following website: www.flywithmark.net/images/articles/acro.pdf

01 Mar

Yes you can! Are you up for a new challenge? If the $100 hamburgers or trips around the pattern are getting

boring, consider competition aerobatics as the next frontier. With some instruction and a rented airplane, you

can compete at one of the many International Aerobatic Club (IAC) contests around the country. Many of us

have found a new purpose and joy in training for and competing in these contests. The thrills and camaraderie

are unmatched.