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30 Jan

For more information contact Francisco Jimenez at (760) 522-8320.

23 Jan

For more information contact Pat Williams (760) 476-9028.

23 Jan

The RedBird FMX (full-motion) AATD at Gillespie Field offers sophisticated training in all phases of flight training, and for instrument experience and currency. The FMX Is certified for logging up to 2.5 hours toward private; 20 hours toward instrument; 50 hours toward commercial, and 25 hours for ATP rating.

The full-motion AATD with wrap-around visual, can be configured for Cessna 172 with either G-1000 or standard 6-pack instrument arrangement. It also includes capability for autopilot and flight director training. NAV/Comm in the 6-pack configuration is with the Garmin 530 (WAAS) and 430W. It is “position-able” to any location in the US, capable of flying any approach. Instrument pilots can use it to maintain currency except for circle-to-land maneuvers.

The rate is $50 per hour.  

For more information call or text Captain Denny Breslin at (619) 980-8941.

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New Wireless FMX “Navigator” Replaces "Instructor Station" software 

You can now use your iPad to wirelessly control the Redbird FMX. Or you can continue to use the touch-screen laptop in the simulator to access NAVIGATOR.

Both the laptop and your iPad will connect wirelessly to the FMX and controls the sim through the web-based Navigator program.


Redbird FMX Simulator Checkout and Authority to Operate

CFI’s and instructors are required to fill out and sign the Authority to Operate form prior to receiving access to the simulator. Each authorized user is responsible for the simulator while they or their student is using it. Make an appointment for a checkout, fill out and sign the document, and bring it with you when you come for your checkout.

The Authority to Operate says you will follow the SOP using start up and shut down procedures and you will notify the owner with any maintenance or technical issues. Bottom line is – take care of this valuable device, shut it down properly, do the paperwork, turn out the lights and lock the door when you leave!

Thank you for your responsible use of the FMX.   


Redbird Full Motion (FMX) AATD Simulator Startup and Shut-Down Procedures
The Redbird FMX [ http://redbirdflight.com ] is an amazing trainer with FAA authorization for logging time towards PPL, IR, CPL and ATP FAA ratings. It is also legal for instrument currency, IPC’s and simple maneuvers practice. It is position-able to any airport in the US for approaches and scenery.  The Redbird FMX is located at Gillespie Field. Access to the Redbird through Plus One Flyers is available by checkout with the owner or specifically designated CFIs. If you would like to use the Redbird, contact your CFI and see if he or she would like to get checked out for instructing. The FMX can be used for instrument currency and Instrument Proficiency Checks (except circle-to-land maneuver).

If you just want to work on your currency and practice instruments and maneuvers for proficiency we can check you out individually. We ask anyone wishing to use the FMX to sign a statement of responsibility with the owner and to undergo checkout procedures. The Redbird FMX is an amazing training machine with user selectable, and variable scenarios, weather, systems-failures and configurations. It is simple to operate with almost unlimited training potential.

Sign up today! You can contact Captain Denny Breslin for further information: (call or text: 619 980 8941)

FAA Advisory Circular AC-61-136 FAA Approval of AATD and use for Training and Experience
- Information and guidance for AATD certification and use
- Appendix 3: Advanced Aviation Training Device (Redbird FMX) Requirements

Redbird FMX Letter of Authorization
- Authority to log training time in AATD (Redbird FMX) towards experience and ratings
- Limits and rules for logging simulator time for experience and ratings.
- Note requirement to make this LOA available to instructors and students who log time towards experience and ratings
     -May be downloaded and printed
     -These provisions apply to Part 61 and approved Part 141 Schools (SAA)

Best Practices for Teaching in a Redbird

NPRM Changes for AATDs Coming Soon
- Document 1
- Document 2