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16 Dec

Owner is Roland Giron. 

04 Dec


Welcome to the Grin Factory! 

Are you ready to really learn to fly?  The Great Lakes Sport Trainer is easy to learn, yet challenging to master.  It is a truly wonderful tailwheel platform and a perfect introduction to aerobatics.  The world looks great from an open cockpit biplane!  If you are ready to have a LOT OF FUN, call:

Paul (owner, CFI) 808-277-1102 - solo checkout, spin training, aerobatics, tail wheel instruction

Mark (CFI) 619-252-1550 - aerobatics, spin training, tail wheel instruction

Phil (CFI) 619-573-7768 - tail wheel instruction

Zach (CFI) 619-952-1611 - tail wheel instruction

Yes, solo checkout is a possibility for the proficient aviator.

Link to Dropbox containing POH and reading material

ForeFlight W&B.  Click here using your ForeFlight device.