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N19345 Now Online at MYF
This plane is now online at MYF. For more information go to the N19345's page HERE.
New at MYF - Piper Arrow II
Owner is Roland Giron. More
1978 Great Lakes Online at SEE
Welcome to the Grin Factory! More

Featured Aircraft

IAC Aerobatics Competition Borrego!!
IAC Aerobatics Competition Borrego!!
IAC Aerobatics Competition Borrego!! Want a new challenge? Ever dreamed of competing in an aerobatics competition? It is within your reach!! There is an IAC competition coming up in Borrego April 6-8. Learn how you can compete using a club airplane! Read more at the following website: www.flywithmark.net/images/articles/acro.pdf
Call Out to Pilots and Owners
Call Out to Pilots and Owners
Call Out to Pilots and Owners If you are a pilot or an aircraft owner and want to give back to the community, here is your chance. CHALLENGE AIR FOR KIDS AND FRIENDS is a program where pilots volunteer their time, aircraft and fuel to fly challenged children of San Diego and even let them "fly"…
Daniel Passed His Instrument Checkride
Daniel Passed His Instrument Checkride
Daniel Passed His Instrument Checkride Daniel is excited about taking his family and friends on flying adventures, and putting passengers to sleep with his newly acquired smooth instrument flying skills! He passed his instrument checkride on January 26, 2017 with examiner Greg Madariaga. Instructor, Samantha O'Brien.
Mia Stanley soloed at Ramona
Mia Stanley soloed at Ramona
Mia Stanley soloed at Ramona Mia Stanley soloed at Ramona on January 26, 2017. Great job Mia! Instructor, Samantha O'Brien.
Dave Leonard Passed His Commercial ASEL
Dave Leonard Passed His Commercial ASEL
Dave Leonard Passed His Commercial ASEL On January 31st, Plus One Flyers member (and RV-6 homebuilder) Dave Leonard (not the DPE) passed his Commercial ASEL check ride in the club’s Arrow at CRQ. CFI was Red Howard. Examiner Jay Brentzel is on the right in the photo, giving congratulations. 
You Missed Out!
You Missed Out!
You Missed Out! Returning club president, Scott Kurowski, shared some valuable information about upcoming changes to squawk reporting at the general membership meeting held on October 27th at the Courtyard on Spectrum Center Blvd. You missed out on providing feedback about the soon-to-be-released changes. Are you wondering how this will affect you?
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Learn to Fly!

Learn to Fly Now!

If you are a pilot or want to be a pilot, take a look at our fleet or read more about us. Then stop by one of our orientation meetings, sign up, and head for the skies! 

As the largest flight club in the US, you have over 50 airplanes to choose from at 4 airports in San Diego County!  Our club has instructors at every airport and many of these instructors are current and former airline, military and commercial pilots. Learning to fly is easy with Plus One Flyers. Check here for details on how to join and then check here for dates of membership briefings.  

The Reapers are Coming
The Reapers are Coming By Kris Wadolkowski, CFI We’ve seen them on the news in action over Iraq and Afghanistan, now they’re coming to a neighborhood near you. They are the MQ-9 Reapers. Reapers are Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) used for surveillance and strike. This summer, training operations for the…
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Managing Startle Response
MANAGING STARTLE RESPONSE If you've seen the new ACS (Airmen Certification Standards) which will soon be replacing the Practical Test Standards, you may have noticed a new format for training and evaluating students. It focuses on three things: What a student must Know, Do, and Consider (as in Risk Management).…
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Loss of Control
This was an important topic that came into my inbox recently from the FAA. It's a good quick read and worth some extra thought. What is Loss of Control (LOC)? A Loss of Control (LOC) accident involves an unintended departure of an aircraft from controlled flight. LOC can happen because…
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Turn your Lights On
These days, runway incursion avoidance is a big deal. The FAA is doing everything it can by educating pilots and controllers so we don’t run into one another on the ground. It’s such a safety priority that the FAA has made it a required task in the CFI PTS as…
Decision Making
11PM. A half moon, beautiful VFR night. Departing with no electrical on a 1.5 hour flight to Las Vegas. Wait, what? No electrical. How many would make that flight? I would hope that everyone would say "no way." Now suppose you have already departed. Everything is working well... Until! You…

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