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Build Cross Country Time in N10098
Our newest addition to the club is a clean, low time Cessna 150. IFR certified and equipped with More
Schedule NOW - Cirrus SR-22 Turbo
Finally, an airplane that makes you feel good! More
Grumman Tiger at SEE, Now Online!
The airplane has lived in the Western United States since 1978. More
This 1939 BL-65 Taylorcraft Will Soon Be Online at SEE
Rich Sattro is the owner of N23670. For more information email seeops@plusoneflyers.org.
New And Online At CRQ! Cirrus SR-22 N1490C
From owner Steve Yun: This is probably the most convenient aircraft to fly at Plus One! More

Featured Aircraft

Justin Smiley Soloed at CRQ
Justin Smiley Soloed at CRQ
Justin Smiley Soloed at CRQ Justin Smiley soloed at Palomar CRQ, completed his 150NM solo cross country, and cross country night flight... all within the last 30 days! Justin is finishing his Private Pilot training in an accelerated training format with CFI's Gabriel Wisdom and Tom Ortman. Pictured: Gabe Wisdom left, Justin Smiley right.
Come Join Us: Ramona Open House 11/14 9am
Come Join Us: Ramona Open House 11/14 9am
Come Join Us: Ramona Open House 11/14 9am Ramona Airport is having their annual open house next Saturday, November 14th. 0900-1500. There will be tours of the Tower, CalFire , and others. You also can stop by and check out Plus One Flyers operations at Ramona if you have never been there. Event Schedule: 8:00 AM- Pancake Breakfast:…
Mark Nicholson Got Upset With Me
Mark Nicholson Got Upset With Me
Mark Nicholson Got Upset With Me And yet, he wasn't angry at all. In fact, the picture proves he was grinning from ear to ear. That's because he took Upset Training with me, otherwise known as aerobatics. Watch a two minute interview where he talks about the experience at www.flywithmark.net/0915 Instructor Mark Henshall. 
Daniel Whiting Earned His Private Pilot License June 16
Daniel Whiting Earned His Private Pilot License June 16
Daniel Whiting Earned His Private Pilot License June 16 Congratulations to Daniel Whiting earned his Private Pilot license on June 16, 2015! His instructor is Lee Jaykell. "license to learn"
Jane Possell is a New Private Pilot!
Jane Possell is a New Private Pilot!
Jane Possell is a New Private Pilot! On August 17th, just a mere 24 hours before leaving for Embry Riddle, Jane Possell passed her Private Pilot checkride with examiner John Hardy. Her instructor, Shane Terpstra, could not be more proud of her accomplishment.
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Website Instructions
Website Instructions
Website Instructions.
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Learn to Fly!

Learn to Fly Now!

If you are a pilot or want to be a pilot, take a look at our fleet or read more about us. Then stop by one of our orientation meetings, sign up, and head for the skies! 

As the largest flight club in the US, you have over 50 airplanes to choose from at 4 airports in San Diego County!  Our club has instructors at every airport and many of these instructors are current and former airline, military and commercial pilots. Learning to fly is easy with Plus One Flyers. Check here for details on how to join and then check here for dates of membership briefings.  

Loss of Control
This was an important topic that came into my inbox recently from the FAA. It's a good quick read and worth some extra thought. What is Loss of Control (LOC)? A Loss of Control (LOC) accident involves an unintended departure of an aircraft from controlled flight. LOC can happen because…
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Turn your Lights On
These days, runway incursion avoidance is a big deal. The FAA is doing everything it can by educating pilots and controllers so we don’t run into one another on the ground. It’s such a safety priority that the FAA has made it a required task in the CFI PTS as…
Decision Making
11PM. A half moon, beautiful VFR night. Departing with no electrical on a 1.5 hour flight to Las Vegas. Wait, what? No electrical. How many would make that flight? I would hope that everyone would say "no way." Now suppose you have already departed. Everything is working well... Until! You…
Rotating Beacon - January 2015
ROTATING BEACONJanuary 2015 (Volume 2 Edition 1) Happy New Year Plus One Flyers! We're well into 2015 now and as you can see, the newsletter is a few days late. I took a much-needed vacation over the holiday's and was able to get lots of R & R. I'm back…
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Rotating Beacon - December 2014
ROTATING BEACONDecember 2014 (Volume 1 Edition 7) Greetings Fellow Flyers! We were almost there. Just about a month left before the new year and the last half of the year would have been accident free. Take a look at the picture of the month to see more details.Winter is upon…
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